Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line

Hi there! So here is a quick post about the eye liner I am currently obsessed with. I was about to meet my friend and she was late so I was just killing my time and swatching some products at the MAC counter. I really wanted to swatch Powersurge Eye Kohl as I don't have any gold eyeliner in my stash. While hunting Powersurge I came across this one eyeliner which just mesmerized me. First of all I thought it's a dark green/black base with dark gold green glitter in it. But then I changed the lighting and it looked dark khaki with subtle gold glitter. As I said earlier I was mesmerized by it. Of course I had to buy it. It was a MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line.

Now MAC's pearlglide eyeliners are very soft, pigmented and extremely smooth eye pencils and they are very easy to apply. After applying within few seconds they set and won't smudge and fade away. So if you want smudgy look you have to work fast. MAC describes Black Line as a deep black with golden pearl but it is definitely more than that. I call it mysterious eye liner. It looks really good with green/olive eye shadows. I have been wearing it with MAC's sumptuous olive and the combination looks really good on my brown eyes. You can also smudge it out and create a smokey look only using this.

Over all you can tell I am highly impressed. The only con I think it has is if you wear it with waterproof mascara it is a tedious job to remove it completely. Those golden glitters do stick to eye lashes and eye lids and very hard to remove. The only thing completely removes it is Johnson's Baby Oil Gel. I always use it to remove extra stubborn eye make-up. And if you smudge it a lot glitter do transfer to your under eyes/cheeks. I would suggest to powder your face after doing your eyes.

So that was my not so quick post about MAC's Black Line. I highly recommend you to go to the MAC counter and give it a try. It is definitely something more interesting than your simple old black liner :)